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Watch 3 THOR: THE DARK WORLD Movie Clips

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Thor is back at movie theaters this Friday and we have a sneak peek with three movie clips from the Marvel sequel featuring Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman and newcomer to the franchise Christopher Eccleston.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD fights a new evil Malekith and Loki becomes Thor's ally as they fight to save Asgard and Earth. In one clip, Malekith awakens from his long slumber to wreck havoc on the universe.  In another scene, Thor flies a spaceship, but not very well as Loki plays the backseat driver teasing the Asgardian god on his flying skills.  In a third clip, Natalie Portman's Jane and Thor reunite with Jane slapping the Nordic-looking god twice.

THOR: THE DARK WORLD has already opened in England with mixed to good reviews from fans.  North American audiences will get to see the final product starting Friday, November 8, 2013.

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