5 Things To Know About Real-Life Mediums That Movies Got Wrong


In the new horror flick, THE DARKNESS starring Kevin Bacon, Radha Mitchell and Ming-Na Wen, a Mexican medium is employed to rid an ancient spirit from their family’s home. Many prior films and television shows have centered around characters who can communicate with the dead, but how often do they get it right? CineMovie spoke with a real-life medium who clears up some of the fallacies in Hollywood movies and television shows.  

1.”I See Dead People”


Unlike Haley Joel Osment’s character in THE SIXTH SENSE, mediums don’t actually see dead people, according to Maria Luisa Mispireta, a medium or “seer” from Latin America, who clarifies that those with the special gift feel the presence of spirits who communicate things about the past, present for future.

A medium uses his or her psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future events of a person by tuning into the spirit energy surrounding that person.

The 50-year-old Peruvian immigrant can see beyond this realm using what she calls the “third eye”

“I am a metaphysical medium that can speak to the angels and the dead using a third eye that allows me to see things others can’t see,” states Maria Luisa who claims she started talking to angels at the age of three.

In GHOST, for example, Whoopi Goldberg’s character can hear Patrick Swayze’s character, but she can’t see him. That would be a more accurate medium.

2. Evil Spirits Not Stronger Than Humans


In movies such as THE AMITYVILLE HORROR (1979) and THE EXORCIST even priests are powerless against the devil or evil spirits. However, Maria Luisa states evil is not stronger than you.

“With love and faith, you can fight against anything. God, angels and you are more stronger than bad spirits. Fear is what opens the door to let them do more than you. They feed off your energy and sense your vulnerabilities.”  

Maria Luisa tells CineMovie she’s experienced otherworldly evils in possessed individuals. She recounts the time a woman came in for a session, and immediately inquired about her name. Maria Luisa immediately went into defense mode and forcibly asked what she wanted and what was her name.

“Like in the movie THE EXORCIST, she started convulsing and her eyes turned green and red. She replied ‘my name is Maria Luisa and I’m tired of you.’ I grabbed my holy water and with help from the angels that surround me, I told her to get out of my house. The woman came back to herself, and I told her she had to leave. I can’t help her.”

She also recalls the time a 15-year-old was possessed by two young souls. “Those are easy to expel,” she says, so she helped the trapped spirits pass to the next world.

3.  Card Readers


Maria Luisa makes it clear that card readers do not speak to the dead unlike some movies portray.  

“A medium doesn’t use instruments. It’s solely based on touch, listening to you or seeing you.”

While she respects card readers, thye are not guided by spirits rather they learn the significance of cards.

4.  Candles


Candles are often employed in horror movies to protect the home, but Maria Luisa doesn’t recommend them in the bedroom as a means of protection. It has the opposite effect.

“When you light candles in the bedroom, the first thing that will come are fallen angels. You’re giving up your soul.”

Candles should only be used while praying over the recently deceased in the mourning phase, she adds. She also advises to never use a Ouija board since you’re inviting unwanted guests into your life.

5. How To Protect Yourself from Evil


Calling the priest over to your home for a blessing may help, but Maria Luisa’s tips to getting rid of bad or negative energies is to bring in live things in the house such as flowers and nuts.

Another tip is using incense to ready the path for God to enter.  “God opens doors with odor,” he adds.

The one movie that did get it right is INSIDIOUS, says the Los Angeles-based medium. However, she does jokingly say that they ruined their track record when the third movie in the series introduced a clown.  

In case you’re wondering if this medium is a kook, I can attest she’s not. While conducting our interview via telephone, she told me a few things that were so on point that it was scary. She described my husband’s obsession to a tee.


THE DARKNESS is in movie theaters now.

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