'Power Rangers: Dino Fury' Cast Spill Tea on Cosmic Fury: Season 3 Takes Place Entirely in Space

Power Rangers Dino Fury stars Tessa Rao and Kainalu Moya interview

The second half of Power Rangers: Dino Fury the second season is out on Netflix, and the series finale reveals the direction of the third season, Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury which begins production in October. Returning cast members Russell Curry (Red Ranger), Jordan Fite (Gold Ranger), Tessa Rao (Green Ranger) and Kainalu Moya (Blue Ranger) can't reveal much about the next season but someone lets it slip that the entire season will take place in space.

The cast of Power Rangers: Cosmic Fury is getting ready to head to New Zealand to film the next season. The cast tells us they shoot for 9 months for a 22-episode series.

The final episode of season 2 reveals Lord Zedd has escaped and it's up to the Mighty Morphin to find the fugitive. Richard Curry reveals the Rangers will spend the entire time in space for their third season as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Take a look what else we could get out of the actors in our interview. 

Catch all 22 episodes of Power Rangers: Dino Fury on Netflix. The next season arrives in 2023.

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