Interview: Original Disney Princess' Schooled 'Ralph Breaks The Internet' Directors

Ralph Breaks The Internet directors Phil Johnston Rich Moore

CineMovie sat down with RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET directors Phil Johnston and Rich Moore to talk about bringing classic 2D Disney princesses like Snow White and Cinderella into the 3D world. The original actresses reprised their roles as the Disney princess' for WRECK IT RALPH sequel, and some of the OG princesses had notes for the directors about their characters. Watch below. 

To celebrate the home release of RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET, CineMovie spent the day at the Walt Disney Animation Studio hearing from the team behind the making of the Oscar-nominated film. During the presentations, we learned RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET has the most Easter Eggs of any Disney movie, the actresses who reprised their roles of Disney princess schooled the directors on what their characters would and wouldn't say, and Ralphzilla was a last minute request from the animation team which caused a stir. Director Phil and Rich hilariously explain the going ons behind the scenes. Watch the hilarious video.

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RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET is now available on Digital, Blu-ray, DVD and 4K.

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