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Now that THE HUNGER GAMES' Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth are bonafide blockbuster stars, we can expect two, possibly three more movies in the saga. Judging from our interview with the young stars, it's a good thing the three actors enjoyed working together since they'll be spending lots of time together for years to come.

Listen to our interview below.

CineMovie sat down with Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, and Liam Hemsworth in Los Angeles where the actors playing Katniss, Peeta and Gale from the Suzanne Collins' novel recounted the fun times on set, the hijinks off set, and the demanding physical preparation for the THE HUNGER GAMES.

First Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth sat down together and praised Jennifer Lawrence as an actress and person. Both screen-tested with the X-Men: First Class actress and it was instant chemistry. Liam says she's "easy" to get along with and quick on her toes. When asked if they hoped for a Team Gale or Team Peeta, the two male stars joked they both jumped on the Team Haymitch played by one of Josh's favorite actor Woody Harrelson. Gale also admires the free-spirited actor.

Josh and Liam also spoke of the the phyically-demanding training for the roles of Gale and Peeta. Although Liam sat out any action scenes in this first installment, the Aussie actor had to go through grueling training to lose weight to portray Gale in an impoverished setting. He admitted he rested after his training sessions before getting behind the wheel because he was exhausted. Josh also catched his breath after his daily regiment to gain weight and muscle. Both joked their trainer ex-Navy Seal Logan Hood was a "true kick-ass kicker."  Josh also teased that perhaps Liam and he should've traded roles since he had to bulk up and go blond while Liam lost weight to transform into the dark-haired Gale.

During the interview, Liam outed Josh as a homebody who would bake cakes in his hotel room after a day of production. Like his character of Peeta, Josh enjoys the occasional baking activities.  Liam kidded Josh when he visited his hotel room.  Liam joked he too stayed in character and hunted for his food every night.

The chummy co-stars also played around with the idea of surviving their own Hunger Games if left out in the woods. A Kentucky-native like Jennifer, Josh said he could survive in the wild because he grew up camping and enjoying outdoor activities. Another advantage for Josh is he's a big fan of "Man vs. Wild" show. "I'd do alright in the woods," he said.

Liam Hemsworth also said he could survive "for an amount of time" out in the wilderness. Josh revealed Liam can wrestle sharks and Liam also extended it to "fighting crocodiles."  It seems he would do better in a swamp or open water.


Josh Hutcherson & Liam Hemsworth Audio Interview

Jennifer Lawrence admitted that as a huge fan of the books she was nervous the story wouldn't translate to the big screen. When director/writer Gary Ross delivered the final draft of the script, she was pleasantly surprised and phoned the director to congratulate him. "You did it!," she told THE HUNGER GAMES helmer. She also praised the director for his confidence and generosity with actors. When she wanted another shot at a scene, Ross assured her she nailed the scene. Usually, the Kentucky-native would insist on another try, but she knew she was in good hands with Ross.

When CineMovie asked if her breakthrough Oscar-nominated role in Winter's Bone and Katniss in THE HUNGER GAMES shared similar traits, the 22-year old said she could see some similarities between the the two self-sufficient characters but she approached Katniss very differently. But she can't deny that in both films she's skinning squirrels to survive.  While most categorize THE HUNGER GAMES as an action thriller, she sees the adaptation as drama as well.  

With the $155 million take at the box office opening weekend, Jennifer, Liam, and Josh will most likely reprise their roles in the sequel Catching Fire this fall.

THE HUNGER GAMES is now playing in movie theaters.

Jennifer Lawrence Audio Interview



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