John Cena Interview: Watching 'Bumblebee' Made Him Emotional and His F-Bomb Outtakes

John Cena Bumblebee CineMovie interview 850

John Cena is the funny tough guy "Agent Burns" in the BUMBLEBEE movie, but he can admit he got a little teary-eyed watching Hailee Steinfeld's performance with the lovable Transformer. He's also telling CineMovie there's a lot of f-bomb outtakes from the PG-13 movie. Watch the video interview below.

BUMBLEBEE opens in movie theaters December 21. In the TRANSFORMERS spin-off, Bumblee finds refuge from the Decepticons in a small California beach town where 18-year-old Charlie (Steinfeld) discovers the VW bug and they form a bond. 

John Cena has taken the comedy route with his last few films (BLOCKERS, FERDINAND, DADDY'S HOME TWO), and he was ready to play it straight as a government agent in BUMBLEBEE, but director Travis Knight wanted his character to be less edgy. On set, he did just that but he couldn't help and throw out a few f-bombs along the way. He explains in the video below how the director reigned him in, and why he was emotional watching BUMBLEBEE.

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