Kristen Bell on Playing Disney Princess: “I Demanded My Character Be Funny”


For her turn as a Disney princess in FROZEN, Kristen Bell didn’t just want the sidekick delivering all the funny lines.  To be a relatable lead, the character needed to be funny and she “demanded” that Anna deliver as many jokes as possible.

Actress Kristen Bell and new mom voices a new kind of Disney princess in FROZEN. Her character of Anna is a free-spirited, independent thinker and modern princess who sets out to save her kingdom and her sister who has frozen the entire region.  During an interview with Bell in New York, she tells CineMovie this princess story is different from other Disney princesses in that it takes a “whole new direction” and “sharp left turn for a Disney film.”  FROZEN is not about the archetype romance where boy meets girl and they fall in love. In FROZEN, the love is not a romantic type of love but the love between sisters.  According to Bell, FROZEN tells of unconditional love where you believe in someone although they don’t believe in themselves. 


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To play a modern day princess, Bell wanted her character to be as equally funny as the sidekick. Traditionally, the sidekick delivers many of the funny lines and in this FROZEN, Olaf is one funny snowman, but Bell’s Anna also as a comedic bite to her personality.  As an actress with a comedic background, Bell came into the project with a sense of who this character is.

“I demanded in the beginning that my character have as many jokes as possible, whenever possible because I just don’t think all the jokes need to be delivered by the sidekick.”

Bell’s goal was to give audiences a “funny relatable female lead” with as many jokes as possible, and she succeeds beautifully in FROZEN.

FROZEN opens November 27, 2013.

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