NBC's 'The Biggest Loser' Winner Roberto Hernandez Talks Future Plans After His Win

NBC Biggest Loser Finalist Roberto Hernandez

“The Biggest Loser”  was crowned on NBC Monday night with Roberto Hernandez taking home $250,000, and the title "Biggest Loser" in a good way. The Chicago-native spoke to CineMovie about his goals after the show, and why it’s important to share his new knowledge of himself and healthy eating habits with his family and the world.

Roberto Hernandez, 36, grew up in a Mexican-American household in Chicago with his twin brother and former teammate on “The Biggest Loser” Luis Hernandez, and for those of us reared by a Mexican mother know, there is never a shortage of food with tacos, pozole, sopes, carnitas, enchiladas and many other delicacies in our gut. The husband and father of three boys always wanted to lose weight even as an athlete in high school and college, but according to Roberto, “it never seemed reachable.” His family was ultimately the reason for getting off the couch.

“I was not a good father. I stayed on the couch, and watched my kids play. It killed me inside seeing my kids play. I saw them and I wanted to get up and play with them, but I just didn’t have the energy. This show gave me the opportunity to do that, and I’m going to take full advantage of that once this is all complete and done.”

As a teacher, not only was he motivated to become healthy role model for his family’s sake but also his students. Hernandez tells CineMovie he’s got his future planned out regardless if he wins on the NBC show or not.

“The money is great, but it’ll be nice to keep the weight off, and to be able to motivate other people. That’s one of my important goals in life. That’s why I became a teacher.”

Hernandez is inspired to take his message to the world after his speech on the February 15th show resonated with many viewers who reached out to Hernandez looking to make the same lifestyle changes he’s accomplished on “The Biggest Loser.”

NBC Biggest Loser Luis and Roberto Hernandez  Credit: NBC

However after his brother Luis was eliminated from the Monday night show, Roberto needed an extra push after his motivator and companion was no longer there for support.  

“God works in mysterious ways. And I think that was one of the ways to get us both going because he went home and he looks amazing right now. He left, and I had an extra little chip on my shoulder, and I kept working hard every time every time I wanted to quit - I thought about him. I didn’t want to go home.”

NBC BiggestLoser RobertoHernandez2The hardest food to give up for Roberto was his mom’s pozole, a Mexican favorite which is a chicken or beef soup with hominy. He plans to have a plate of pozole after “The Biggest Loser” finale, but he’ll make sure to have a salad prior to indulging on the Mexican dish. He’s not advocating giving up on the tasty, yet fattening Mexican dishes, but he encourages moderation and a healthier option to go along with it.

“I’m not saying NOT to have tacos con carne aside. What I would say is that you just can’t do it everyday for every meal.”

Roberto recommends going to a butcher shop that offers leaner beef or grilling instead of frying, and incorporating a salad in every meal. He’s able to enjoy some of the same foods, but grilled. He recognizes it’s not easy when your whole life you’re trained to eat a certain way. He offers more advice for parents with young children.

“You’ve got to figure out how to incorporate salad, how to train your kids to instead of going for ice cream and those Mexican sweet candies - have an apple or a banana. Start them at a young age.”

Ultimately, Roberto wants to encourage America. “The Biggest Loser” finalist started a hashtag (#getoffthecouchAmerica) to motivate others to take a step towards change. It’s a valuable lesson he’s learned being on the show

“The thing was just getting off that couch. That’s all. Take one step towards your health. The next step follows. It’s natural. If I can press on to other people to take one step toward your health. That means taking a step towards exercise. It means taking a step towards eating right. It’s taking that next step towards being that mother, father, that brother, daughter you want to be.”

Roberto hopes to be crowned “The Biggest Loser” tonight during the live finale on NBC at 9/8c, and we’re pulling for him as well.   

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