Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson Time Travel to Land of Dinosaurs and La Belle Époque

Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson travel back to the first day of Thanksgiving in the new animated movie, FREE BIRDS, but if they could travel to a point in history what era would they return to?

Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson and Woody Harrelson may know a thing or two about turkeys, mostly related to some of their films, but in FREE BIRDS, the funny trio take on the voices of modern day turkeys traveling back in time and meeting the funky birds of yesteryear.  Jake (Harrelson), a turkey on the lamb kidnaps the pardoned bird Reggie and recruits him to save turkeys from being the dinner menu every Thanksgiving. To do that, the two hijack a time machine which sends them to the time of the pilgrims and the first Thansgiving. There they meet Amy Poehler`s turkey Jenny and her tribe and proceed to change the course of history.

CineMovie asked the stars of FREE BIRDS what time period they would return to if they had the chance to time travel and change history if they could. Amy, Woody and Owen exchanged their ideas in this funny exchange between the three.

Amy:  I would just go back to last night and get more sleep. (laughter) Is that short-sited?

Owen: Not very ambitious.

Amy: I should think bigger.

Woody: You'll feel later that you wasted your shot.

Woody:  I kind of like the time period Owen went back to in Midnight in Paris. That was a good era. It be nice to run into Henry Miller and some other fun people.

Owen:  This is probably my inner 12 year old, but I think about dinosaurs and Custer’s last stand.  I want to see some action.

Woody: You wouldn't fare to well.

Jimmy (director): Him (pointing at Owen) running with a singlet and a club, running for his life.

Woody: No, safely from a dugout. Just watching what was happening.   

Later on in the interview, another question posed to the actors asked to what point in their lifetime would they would travel back to and again Amy replied with an uneventful period in which she would relive her dog catching two balls.  Woody picked his time of birth and made fun of Amy for blowing the two chances at experiencing something special. All in good fun of course, like in their new animated adventure FREE BIRDS.

FREE BIRDS is served up on Friday, November 1, 2013.


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