RIDDICK's Jordi Molla Talks Latinos in Outer Space & Playing a Han Solo-Type

Spanish actor Jordi Molla plays Vin Diesel's nemesis in RIDDICK and the actor is comparing his role to Han Solo, but as a villain.

The multi-talented actor from Barcelona, Spain was personally picked to play a bounty hunter named Santana by RIDDICK star and producer Vin Diesel, and director David Twohy. You may recognize the actor from memorable roles as the bad buy in Bad Boys II (Will Smith),  Knight & Day (Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz) and Colombiana (Zoe Saldana).  His breakthrough Hollywood film was with Blow starring Johnny Depp and another Spanish import, Penelope Cruz.  Aside from Hollywood, the painter and author has worked with highly acclaimed Spanish directors Bigas Luna, Montxo Armendáriz, Pedro Almodóvar, Ricardo Franco and Fernando Colomo.

Fernando Esquivel sat down with the RIDDICK star to chat about the band of Latinos in the Vin Diesel sequel to Pitch Black. As the leader of bounty hunters after Riddick, he commands his group, often throwing out Spanish lines.  Molla tells CineMovie there is no reason why Latinos shouldn’t be portrayed in science fiction films.  He considers his role as Santana as a sort of Han Solo, but on the wrong side of the force.

RIDDICK opens in theaters September 6, 2013.

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