RIDE ALONG’s Kevin Hart & Ice Cube On Proving Their Success


RIDE ALONG star Kevin Hart still doesn’t feel he’s made it in Hollywood while his co-star Ice Cube felt obligated only to himself to prove he could make it in Hollywood.  The two are talking about their early days and the people who believed in them and those who didn’t.

In RIDE ALONG, Kevin Hart’s high school security guard must gain James’ respect (Ice Cube) before he can marry his sister. Ben (Hart) has just been accepted into the police academy so James, an Atlanta Police Department detective, challenges him to a ride along with him as he investigates an elusive mob boss. Ben’s set on proving he can be a police officer and worthy of his sister’s hand in marriage.

CineMovie asked the RIDE ALONG co-stars during a Los Angeles press conference about the naysayers in their own life when they were starting out in their careers.  Ice Cube, who broke out as a member of the gangster rap group NWA, tells us both his parents were supportive of him hanging with Dr. Dre making music. Kevin finds it hilarious that mom and dad were okay with their son flipping off the police in their lyrics. “The NWA thing. They were behind it,” he retorts. “You tell them baby.”  It was better than the alternative, according to Cube who grew up in South Central Los Angeles.

“She knew it was positive hanging out with Dre than hanging out with the neighborhood Crips. “


Kevin Hart reveals his late mother was the most supportive while his father and brother gave him a hardest time about his stand-up comedy.  “What the f*** you doing, man.  This is stupid.” Eventually they came around when the checks came in. Similarly, Ice Cube’s brothers made fun of him.  Cube recalls his siblings taunts. “Man what you doing? Who do you think you are? Fat boys Run DMC?” Suffice it to say, they are no longer making fun of the successful rapper, actor and producer whose career now spans 23 years. Not bad for a rapper turned actor and movie producer.

While Hart may be bringing in the large paychecks now with comedy specials and numerous movie roles (The Grudge Match, Think Like A Man Too), the comedian and actor still feels insecure about his success.

“I still don’t know I made it. The minute I think about is the minute I’m going to go crazy.  I don’t like addressing it. It’s a dream to me. I don’t go to sleep. I’m afraid if I close my eyes, I’m going to wake up and this sh** going to be over.  I just stay up all the time. “


There’s no doubt Kevin Hart has definitely made it with his first leading role alongside Ice Cube in RIDE ALONG, a pairing that proves hilarious on screen.

RIDE ALONG opens January 17, 2014.

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