Scarlett Johansson Interview: Her Future with Marvel & Why 'Widow Always Wins'


Move over Captain America, it’s time for Natasha Romanoff aka the Black Widow to share some of that super-hero spotlight. One particular question has lingered for some die-hard comic book fans. Will we ever get to see Scarlett Johansson spearhead a Black Widow spin-off? Well, Cinemovie’s got the scoop! At a recent press event for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, Marvel’s President of Production, Kevin Feige, discussed the possibility of adding a standalone Black Widow movie to the Marvel cinematic universe, and it sure looks promising. And Scarlett says she's more than up for it.

“I think it could be great. We have various outlines and ideas of where to take that. There’s a big element that explores her backstory in an upcoming Marvel feature. The question really is, when do we want to take her out of an ensemble to do her own thing? As you saw in “CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER”, and you’ll see in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” she’s kind of key to so much of the broader world,” said Feige.

In CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER, the Black Widow has a much stronger presence than she had in The First Avenger. In fact, the upcoming sequel is virtually just as much about the Widow’s journey as it is the Cap’s. The directors of the film who are referred to as, “The Russo Brothers (You, Me, and Dupree),” gave Johansson the opportunity to explore her character’s cryptic past more than she’d been able to in previous Marvel films. Scar-Jo arrived at the junket sporting a baby bump and an engagement ring ready to chat with the press about the evolution and trajectory of her character going forward into the 2015 Avenger’s sequel: Age of Ultron.

“This is the first time we’ve really gotten to see Natasha. We saw a little bit of her in The Avengers and we saw a bit of her back-story. We’ll see more of that in the Avengers 2,” said Johansson.

Since the actress is four months pregnant, her scenes for the Avengers: Age of Ultron are being fast tracked so she won’t have to do the physically demanding superhero stunts while carrying a child. According to Johansson, she’s enjoyed the challenge of revisiting such a complex character throughout the course of her career and looks forward to watching her metamorphosis in future projects.

“I have the good fortune of playing a character that’s evolving with each installment you see her in. I have to understand who this character is and where she comes from. The exciting thing is scraping away at little parts of that each time to reveal a small part of the bigger picture of her.”

By now, Scar-Jo is accustomed to kicking-ass and taking names being that this is her third time suiting up as the Black Widow. Apparently, a baby on the way isn’t slowing the 29-year-old actress down. Fortunately for her, she enjoys playing a superhero with so many qualities that make her a role model for women, especially the young ones. “I think Natasha is a bit of a reluctant super hero. She doesn’t necessarily have a strong or golden, moral compass. Let’s not forget, she started off her career as a mercenary. In some ways, Natasha uses her feminine wiles as part of her job, but she doesn’t rely on her sexuality and physical appeal to get the job done,” said Johansson.

“And of course, It’s really rad for me to have my friend’s kids look up to that character and dress up like her for Halloween, and play with the boys and be rough.”

Johansson added, “I always say the Widow always wins, and it’s true.” CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER hits theaters April 4th.

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