Sylvester Stallone Co-stars Dish on the BULLET TO THE HEAD Star

Sarah Shahi and Sung Kang couldn't get over the fact that they were working with Rocky Balboa on BULLET TO THE HEAD, and Shahi felt like a lucky girl being surrounded by "eye candy."

Sarah Shahi (Barely Legal, Chicago Fire) and Sung Kang team up with action icon Sylvester Stallone for an old-fashioned action flick.  Ashley Michelle sat down with the two stars who tell us that when they hear the name Stallone they think Rocky Balboa. Of course, once they started working with Stallone, they saw him as their fellow actor.

Sung Kang, who can next be seen in Fast and Furious 6, counts Rocky as one of his favorite movies. Shahi agrees and adds even her mother, who doesn't have a clue about actors, knows his name. She almost didn't get the role of Stallone's daughter because the filmmakers were undecided whether that character should be a girlfriend instead and cast older.  Luckily, director Walter Hill went with keeping the role as Stallone's daughter.

Shahi also calls herself the envy of all the girls being surrounded by "eye candy" such as Stallone, Kang, and one of the baddies played by Game of Thrones' Jason Momoa. We agree. We're jealous.

BULLET TO THE HEAD is now playing in movie theaters.

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