Tim Roth and Michael Madsen Reminisce About 'Reservoir Dogs' and Reuniting on 'The Hateful Eight'

Tim Roth Michael Madsen The Hateful Eight

Michael Madsen and Tim Roth reunited on Quentin Tarantino's THE HATEFUL EIGHT after working together 21 years ago on RESERVOIR DOGS. The two Quentin Tarantino favorites talked about working together again on Tarantino's first hit at the Los Angeles press conference.

Madsen reminisced about the time Roth and he were literally stuck together after the fake blood bonded to their clothes on the set of RESERVOIR DOGS. Roth also worked on Tarantino's FOUR ROOMS in 1995, but hasn't worked since with Tarantino until THE HATEFUL EIGHT. He describes the difference between working with Tarantino then and now, and his process.

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