Tom Arnold on Shooting in Mexico & Why Taco Bell Is Not Real Mexican Food


Tom Arnold was imported into Mexico for a role in the Jamie Camil romantic comedy, PULLING STRINGS. He talks about his time shooting in Mexico City and why he's a big fan of food especially Mexican cuisine.

Tom Arnold usually plays the sidekick, but in his feature film debut in a Mexican film, Arnold plays the straight-guy as the head of the United States embassy in Mexico.  He’s a father figure to Rachel (Laura Ramsey) whose career goals are to be placed in the London embassy, but a mariachi played by Jaime Camil changes everything when he goes on an adventure to locate her boss’ laptop and change her mind on giving him a visa. Besides Arnold, Stockard Channing is another American actor who crossed the border for a small part in the Mexican movie starring alongside Mexican A-listers Jaime Camil and Omar Chaparro. 

In CineMovie’s sit down with Tom Arnold, he said he was approached about shooting the film south of the border, but he didn’t just want to play another funny-man role.  He liked the concept of the film and playing the guiding force to one of the main characters.  

Spending time in Mexico was another draw for Roseanne Barr’s ex. While he admits he didn’t learn Spanish while there, he’s well versed in the food culture. He boasts about the freshness of the food and the sauces. Like any other Latino knows, Arnold came to the realization that Mexican restaurant and fast food in the United States has certainly been Americanized.  He certainly has become the ambassador for Mexican cuisine.

Arnold is also promoting Latino film and agreeing its about time Hollywood recognizes the Latino market as a force to reckon with at the movies. He hopes this movie proves what everyone else already knows.

PULLING STRINGS is currently playing in movie theaters.


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