Kevin Hart Talks Conquering the World and WEDDING RINGER

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Is Kevin Hart attempting to become the next Adam Sandler? Like Sandler, Hart began his career on stage doing comedy. Next, he comes out with a movie called THE WEDDING RINGER, just one letter off from Sandler’s beloved Wedding Singer.  Will Kevin Hart soon convert to Judaism? Not so sure about that one. Nevertheless, just like Sandler’s production company, Happy Madison, Kevin Hart tells Cinemovie he’s ready to take his brand; Hartbeat Productions to the next level.

At the Golden Globes on Sunday night, you may recall Kevin shamelessly plugging THE WEDDING RINGER as he presented the award for best-animated film. Yep, only he could probably get away with that.  The funnyman also didn’t hesitate to playfully remind us journalists at a recent press event (almost after everything he said) that THE WEDDING RINGER comes out January 16th.   Hart chatted with Cinemovie about what makes a great best man, getting to cut loose in his first R-rated movie, and how he plans on taking his brand to the international market.

Sitting alongside Hart on the junket panel was director Jeremy Garelick, the writer Jay Lavendar, and co-stars Josh Gad and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting to whom he attributes much of his comedic success in the film to. 

“If I don’t have great co-stars, I cant do it. I can’t be funny and have levels. I was able to do a lot of thing working with these two as well as the other groomsman, said Hart.”

He then hilariously concluded his statement with, “That’s it for me guys. Once I give amazing answer, I’m done. Thank you all!”

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Rocking an ultra chic pixie cut, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting ("Big Bang Theory") was ecstatic to deviate from the sitcom world to work with such a genius comedic duo in Gad and Hart. According to Kaley, the guys would go off on amazing tangents and improvisations, so she always had to stay on her comedic toes just to perform on the same level.

“I just really wanted to be a part of it and be with these guys.  When I hear Kevin and Josh, I knew this was going to be massive for both of them and I just got to be a good part of it and its been a dream come true.”

Josh Gad (Frozen) who plays the groom-to-be, Doug Harris, was also thrilled to be working alongside Hart, who he considers to be one of the funniest people he’s ever met. Gad mentioned that before production began, Hart wanted to meet to talk over the script. During shooting, the two goofballs developed somewhat of a “bro-mance” and didn’t hold back poking fun at each other during the event.

“Kevin summoned me to his office in Encino to discuss the project.  “Come out here. You may need to wait 10 minutes to 2 hours for me to come out of my office. We’re discussing my brand. I’m Kevin Hart and this is coming out January 16th,” joked Gad.

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Hart explained to the media that he’s at the point in his career where he wants his acting endeavors to propel him to the next level, which means becoming an international superstar. When producer Will Packer presented him the script, he jumped at the opportunity knowing that this project would be accessible to a wide audience. He was also jazzed to let loose and press the envelope being that this was his first R-rated film.

“We need to show studios that I could be an International box office star. We just needed the right piece of material. He (Will Packer) went out and found it, and this was it. I put the trust in these guy’s hands and they took it and ran with it and they brought back an amazing piece of material.”

Kevin added, “This movies special for another reason. This is my first hard R movie. There’s not only comedy and raunchy stuff involved, there’s a lot of heart in the movie and it comes full circle.”

Kevin then concluded the conference by giving us some insight as to what makes a best man, a great best man.

“It’s understanding his job is taking whatever pressure is on the groom to be off. It’s his job to send the groom to the alter with his mind free and clear and ready to step into the world of matrimony in the most positive mindset possible.”


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Of course, Hart couldn’t stay serious for long. He needed the make us giggle one more time so he praised his own answer once again.

“Thats an amazing answer, so I’m gonna go. I’m going to leave. Thank you all. THE WEDDING RINGER comes out January 16th.

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