Interview with Iconic Mexican Comedian Luis De Alba

Luis de Alba is known for many hilarious characters such as El Pirrurris, the cocky son of a millionaire, El Raton Crispin (Crispin The Mouse), El indio Maclovio, Juan Penas and countless others from his 80s television program, “El Mundo De Luis de Alba” (The World of Luis de Alba).

The comedian tells CineMovie his famous characters will make an appearance during his live shows including some new characters. Richard Villa, a Los Angeles-based comedian will join him on stage for more hilarity and dress up fun.  

Based out of Los Angeles, De Alba has also teamed up with Villa to mentor comedians starting out. He plans to focus his free time on finding new talent from all walks of life in the United States.

“Unfortunately, many don’t have those opportunities . There’s new people here, there and all over our planet who have a lot of talent, but unfortunately they don’t have the help they should have. Sometimes producers say there isn’t talent, but how will there be talent if they don’t look for it.”

Not only will he find and recruit new talent, but he also wants to mentor and shape their acts.

“I’m going more into production to involve myself more in the comedy and enforce good values in comedy.”

De Alba keeps his comedy act vulgar-free and suitable for the whole family. He promises a spectacular show for the Hispanic audience.

Expect some Donald Trump jokes on his tour, says de Alba. How can you not talk about the man currently residing in the White House who consistently disparages Mexicans, says de Alba. “El guero copetudo,” (the blond rich boy) as he likes to refer to him is someone we have to tolerate and live with he says in Spanish.

Touring mostly in California and Texas (see dates below), the iconic comedian still plans to take the show to Houston, the site of Hurricane Harvey’s destruction. The one thing the people of Houston need now is laughter.  

 “Of course, and there I’m going all out because one of the biggest satisfaction in comedy is giving people a moment of happiness. To let them forget about the problems, even it’s for a little bit. Albeit issues with government or nature, we’re going to give those people a good time with all our might (con ganas).”

He also refers to a famous quote from a book about the two things people need. “Al pueblo ay que darle alimento y risa” which roughly translates to “To the people, we must give them food and laughter. “

The 72-year-old Veracruz native also wants to bring fun and laughter into his own household. The father of six has four grown children but two of them are still in their teens. While he loves his long career, he regrets the long absences from his children’s lives.

“That’s the one thing I don’t like about this career,” says the father of 6. “I’m going to enjoy them as well as the adult children. And spend time with my lady.”

As he nears semi-retirement, he reflects back on his career. There is no one moment that stands out for him in his nearly six decades in entertainment.

“More importantly still at my age under the circumstances - bald and potbellied (pelon y panzon, as he says it) - the people go to my show, and people love me, thank God. The entrance and applause is what I love the most.”

Of course, I couldn’t let Luis de Alba go without him reciting my favorite character, El Raton Crispin’s favorite saying. He dedicated it to the politicians here in the states as well as his native country.  “Te odio con odio jarocho,” which roughly means “I hate you with Jarocho hate.” Jarocho refers to people or music from Veracruz, Mexico, his native birth place.

Catch Luis de Alba’s last time on stage in the following cities.

Sept. 23 - Salinas, CA Fox Theatre
Sept. 24 - Sacramento, CA Crest Theatre
Sept. 29 - Dallas, TX Dallas City Performance Hall
Sept. 30 - Houston, TX Cullen Theater

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