'Arrival' Director Denis Villeneuve Honored For Academy Award Nominations But ‘Sad’ Amy Adams Wasn’t Nominated

Denis Villeneuve: “Best Director”
I want to thank the Academy for acknowledging ARRIVAL. It means so much to all of us. However, it is a little bittersweet. Amy Adams is the soul of ‘Arrival,’ so I’m profoundly sad she did not get a nomination this morning.
Shawn Levy, Dan Levine: “Best Feature”
“Arrival was a labor of love from beginning to end. We are so proud of this film, anchored by the magnificent performance of Amy Adams. It was a special project to us and on behalf of the entire cast and crew we are deeply appreciative of this acknowledgement by the Academy.”
– Shawn Levy, Dan Levine (of 21 Laps/Producers of ARRIVAL)

Eric Heisserer: “Best Adapted Screenplay”
“I'm so honored. This is a moment where I should be the most eloquent as a writer and yet I'm struggling to put this into words. To even share a list with such extraordinary screenwriters is inspiring in its own right. Thank you to the Academy!”

-Eric Heisserer, first time Oscar nominee for Best Adapted Screenplay, Arrival

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Joe Walker: “Best Editing”
“I'm thrilled skinny to be nominated alongside so many members of the Arrival team this morning - it's a huge rush.  It was an unusual project that was made with total passion - it's been beyond our dreams to see how our little baby has thrived.”
-Joe Walker, Oscar nominee, Best Editing, Arrival

Patrice Vermette: “Best Production Design”. 
“The honor is beyond imagination. I’m so proud to be part of this adventure. I would like to thank the Academy for recognizing this team and this movie.  Thank you Denis, I love you!”


Bradford Young: “Best Cinematography”
“It was such a privilege to work with an amazing director like Denis and the rest of the wonderful, radiant crew. My hat's off to everyone who helped make this film.”

'Arrival' Cinematographer Bradford Young Takes Us Behind The Scenes

Sylvain Bellemare: “Best Sound Editing”
“I am so proud to share this with all the other nominees of Arrival!! It is a special film with a deep reflection regarding language and communication. There is a great sound team behind it. It is a collective nomination.”

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