Predators Dance to Michael Jackson's Thriller

Predators video 2

It seem the Predator aliens are also fans of Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The Stan Winston School of Character Arts released a fun video of the Predator monsters from Predator 2 dancing to "Thriller" with Danny Glover making his move towards the end of the video.

The long, lost footage from the 1990 film made its way to Facebook via the Winston School page. The late, great special effects artists Stan Winston created the suits for both the original movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the sequel with Danny Glover. The video seems to have been shot during the making of Predator 2 when multiple predators surround Danny Glover's character.

Predator 2 dance: Thriller version

Last night was an AMAZING #HalloweenParty in the Predator Universe! Featuring Lt. Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover).Video: Predator dance from Predator 2. Michael Jackson's Thriller version by Big Red - Predator.

Posted by Stan Winston School of Character Arts on Sunday, November 1, 2015

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