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SUICIDE SQUAD Cast Emerge in Group Shot and How Is Aquaman Involved

Other than a few behind the scenes shots from the Toronto set released on David Ayers's Twitter account, this is the first time we're seeing the actors assembled. Pre-production on the Warner Bros. movie began a few weeks ago in Toronto, and the actors are probably sparring with each other which David Ayer requires of his actors on each film.

INTERVIEW: Jai Courtney Talks SUICIDE SQUAD Preparation

The image first appeared on Instagram Wednesday, the same day SUICIDE SQUAD's Jai Courtney who's playing Boomerang, also posted a photo on Instagram flexing his own muscle, literally, for a good cause. "We are Maunu Kea," wrote Courtney on his bicep urging people to sign a petition to stop the destruction of land in Hawaii on Change.org. He's supporting Hawaiian-born actor Jason Momoa who posted the same message on his pecs days earlier on his own Instagram account at @prideofgypsies.

That collaboration begs the question - is Jason, who's portraying Aquaman in another DC property (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice), making an appearance in SUICIDE SQUAD, and he happens to be in Toronto where he asked for the favor. We're just saying. Or they could just be friends combining their star power for a good cause.  

See the tweet and Instagram posts below. What do you think?


A photo posted by Jason Momoa (@prideofgypsies) on

Stop the destruction of Mauna Kea. Info in my bio. Please sign and support @prideofgypsies

A photo posted by Jai Courtney (Official) (@jaicourtney) on

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