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Warner Bros. Announced 'The Batman' and Other DC Movies Delayed Release Dates

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The Batman release date change

Warner Bros. has moved around some of their movie release dates due to the coronavirus lockdown including a bunch of DC Movies. THE BATMAN starring Robert Pattinson ceased production amid the nationwide shutdown of business as usual as well as delayed the start of production of other films in their slate including "The Sopranos" prequel movie. Depending on when production can resume, Warner Bros. may change the dates again, but here is what they are planning for their upcoming slate. 

Aside from THE BATMAN, other DC follow-ups have not started production because of the shutdown such as THE FLASH and SHAZAM 2. The Dwayne Johnson-starrer BLACK ADAM remains on its original date, but productions was stalled until late summer, according to the star's social media post. That may change depending on where the country stands by June. 

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New Warner Bros. Movie Release Dates

THE SOPRANOS Prequel March 12, 2021
BLACK ADAM December 22, 2021
THE BATMAN October 1, 2021
SHAZAM 2 November 2, 2022
THE FLASH June 3, 2022

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