Movie Review: 'The Invisible Man' is Woke

THE INVISIBLE MAN, now playing in movie theaters, is directed by Leigh Whannell who gave us the SAW and INSIDIOUS franchise.  Whannell modernized the story of a man who discovers how to make himself invisible but in the 2020 version, he is the monster who's stalking his wife out of revenge for her leaving the abusive marriage. 

The classic monster movies like FRANKENSTEIN and DRACULA were cautionary tales, and THE INVISIBLE MAN 2020 continues that tradition. The story is an allegory of women's struggle to be heard when they face danger against an abusive husband. The horrors Moss' character faces are all too real. Regardless of the baggage in the backstory,  THE INVISIBLE MAN is a suspensful, edge-of-your-seat horror thriller that will have you gasping at every turn. 

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