‘Without Remorse’ Review: Michael B. Jordan is a Legit Action Star

Michael B Jordan Without Remorse

WITHOUT REMORSE is a worthy entry in the Tom Clancy cinematic universe starring Michael B. Jordan. Streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting April 30, WITHOUT REMORSE is action-packed and in Clancy fashion - ripe with double crossings involving Russians.

Michael B. Jordan plays Sr. Chief John Kelly of the Navy SEALS, which is based on Tom Clancy’s popular character John Clark. The character has appeared in several Jack Ryan movies with Willem Dafoe playing him in CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER and Liev Schreiber in THE SUM OF ALL FEARS. Clark is the one who gets his hands dirty when helping Jack Ryan.

For this adaptation, Clark is renamed John Kelly but it’s essentially an origins story based on Clancy’s John Clark. Why did they change the name? You'll find out why by the end. 

In WITHOUT REMORSE, the Navy SEAL uncovers an international conspiracy while seeking revenge for .he murder of his pregnant wife by a group of Russian soldiers. He’s on the trail of the assassins with fellow SEAL Karen Greer portrayed by Jodie Turner-Smith) , and a shadowy CIA agent played by Jamie Bell. Guy Pearce rounds out the cast as CIA secretary Clay.

WITHOUT REMORSE sets up Jordan as a franchise star for this Tom Clancy character, and no doubt fans will welcome more movies from this actor as an action hero. Jordan brings emotion, star power and action skills to this film as a compelling character whose part Charles Bronson from DEATH WISH and a more violent version of Jack Ryan.

Jodie Turner-Smith also brings her A-game as Karen Greer, Kelly’s fellow SEAL and non-romantic ally. The character’s surname may ring a bell. James Earl Jones played Admiral Greer in the Jack Ryan movies so it sets up a connection to this new story. Greer in WITHOUT REMORSE is treated as an equal with no mention of her womanhood. She’s an equally tough and brave soldier, and at no point do they downgrade her character to a love interest.

Without Remorse Michael B Jordan Jodie Turner Smith 850

Italian director Stefano Sollima (SICARIO: DAY OF THE SOLDADO) amps up the action with nail-biting scenes. The action scenes are solid and grounded in military style tactics. Instead of mano-a-mano combat a la Jason Bourne, most of the action is gun play and explosions.

Written by Taylor Sheridan (Yellowstone, SICARIO) and Will Staples, WITHOUT REMORSE is familiar territory in the Tom Clancy universe. The Cold War politics is updated in this modern adaptation of intrigue and double crossings.

The finale certainly sets up Michael B. Jordan’s return as John Clark in more installments, and we’re ready for them.

WITHOUT REMORSE starts streaming April 30 on Amazon Prime Video.

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