'A Sacrifice' Movie Review

Sadie Sink and Eric Bana in A Sacrifice movie 2024 review 

Eric Bana and Stranger Things' Sadie Sink star in this thriller from Jordan Scott,  daughter of Ridley Scott, and serves as a producer. Based on the novel Tokyo Nobody by Nicholas Hogg, Scott moved the setting from Japan to Germany because of COVID-19, but it works in the story's favor.

American social psychologist and cult expert Ben Monroe (Eric Bana) investigates a local Berlin cult after their members commit suicide. Ben's daughter Mazzy (Sink) arrives to visit her estranged father but she's lured into the city's underground party scene and groomed as a potential member of a mysterious group.

Scott delivers the suspense from the start when the cult members are found dead, and Ben is brought in to evaluate the situation. While he's embroiled in the mystery, Mazzy feeling neglected by her father seeks comfort in a stranger's arms, but is this stranger grooming her for something more sinister?

A SACRIFICE progresses in a fascinating way showing how cult members and leaders work to lure in vulnerable individuals. The language barrier also works for the story in that the character's German dialogue is not translated for the viewer, making it feel even more ominous given Germany's past.

A SACRIFICE is a good choice if you're looking for more original storytelling.

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