'Accidental Texan' Movie Review: A Simple, Charming Little Movie

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ACCIDENTAL TEXAN is a refreshing movie with a simple plot and charming characters that drive a familiar story.

Based on the Novel “Chocolate Lizards” by Cole Thompson, the independent film stars Thomas Haden Church, Rudy Pankow, Carrie-Ann Moss and Bruce Dern under the direction of storyboard artist turned director, Mark Bristol.

When Erwin, a struggling actor and Harvard graduate blows his big chance at his first lead role, he drives back to Los Angeles but breaks down in the heart of Texas oil country. There he meets two kind strangers, Fay and Merle, a local oil driller (Church) who offers to help him in return for a favor. Merle needs some help in salvaging his oil business before a corporation shuts him down permanently.

It's not an insult to describe ACCIDENTAL TEXAN as a simple little movie. In a time when characters and plotlines are overcomplicated, ACCIDENTAL TEXAN's concept is basic, and driven by the strength of the characters.

As always, Church brings the charm as does Pankow and Moss. They are happy-go-lucky people in average situations. It's refreshing not to watch tortured souls on the screen.

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The plot is nothing new. It's your basic capitalism versus the local businessman, but that's not the attractive part of the story. That is just the catalyst for the characters forming the relationships and caring wehther their scheme to save Merle's business is going to work.

In his second directorial effort, Bristol avoids any big city versus small town cliches. Judgements about the big city folk or elites are completely avoided as are small town references. Thomas Haden Church told CineMovie they edited out a piece of dialogue that referred to Hollywood people as Hollyweirdos or something to that affect.

Bristol's setting is a welcoming one that celebrates the open country and hard-working people. The open range is shot in a grand style that makes you appreciate the the beautiful land.

ACCIDENTAL TEXAN is now playing in movie theaters.

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