'Talk to Me' Movie Review: One of the Best Horror Films in a Long Time

Talk to Me movie review horror

The Australian import, TALK TO ME, avoids horror cliches and tropes with a unique premise and beats which makes it one of the best horror flicks in a while. Do yourself a favor and get out to movie theaters to see TALK TO ME.

When a group of friends discovers how to conjure up spirits through an embalmed hand, they become hooked to the thrill with disastrous supernatural results.

Most horror films kill off their victims one by one but TALK TO ME switches up that horror trope. The careless teens repeat the rituals for the mere thrill but Mia (Sophie Wilde) uses the high as a means to contact her deceased mother. Given her weak state of mind, she's an easy target for evil spirits.

The teenage characters aren't particularly likable except for the youngest of the bunch and his sister Jade (Alexandra Jensen). Mia blows off her father at the start of TALK TO ME without explanation except to write it off as teenage angst. The other characters are your typical teenagers who use peer pressure to convince their friends to experience the embalmed hand's supernatural abilities. Regardless, thanks to the capable and diverse cast, you are still invested in their story and well-being as things start to unravel. 

Director and co-writer Danny Philippou and director Michael Philippou, twin brothers from Australia, bring us an eerie story with unexpected violence that is the source of the horror. The level of violence will make you look away or gasp like the crowd in my screening.

TALK TO ME doesn't rely on the usual jump scares, but introduces new ways of scaring the audience with chilling effect.

TALK TO ME is now playing in movie theaters.

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