'Frozen Fever' Short Film Review

FROZEN FEVER is an appropriate title as the original movie released in November of 2013 caused quite a delirium even to this day. FROZEN FEVER 10-minute short will be shown ahead of Disney's Cinderella which guarantees a large audience opening weekend. The concept is quite simple with Elsa throwing Anna a birthday party with the help of Olaf and Kristoff.  

The FROZEN follow-up shouldn’t disappoint except for its brevity. Here’s our check list of what makes this short live up to the original.

New Cute Characters √
Olaf has some competition in the "cute-ness" factor with some new snowmen taking his spotlight. You’ll laugh when the “snowgeez” make their appearance. It’s actually quite gross if you think about how Elsa creates them. Prepare to see these at your nearest Disney store - Cha-ching.

New Song
The Oscar winning husband and wife composer team, Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez compose a new song to follow-up their Academy Award-winning “Let It Go.” The Lopez’s have crafted yet another song that might give “Let It Go” a run for its money in the addiction department. Elsa and Anna belt out a Happy Birthday song that’s sure to delight millions of little girls who will be begging their parents to hire an Elsa and Anna to sing it to them on their birthdays. Another win for the merchandise - √.


Sisterly Love √
The love story between Elsa and her sister Anna is intact with the two siblings showing how far they would go for one another.

Returning Favorites√
The original gang is all here including Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Josh Gad and Jonathan Groff voicing their title characters and even one of the villains makes a cameo in a very comical way.

My one disappointment is the quality of the animation. It doesn’t seem as polished and colorful as the feature film, but millions of little girls won't care about that when they flock to see FROZEN FEVER along with Cinderella starting March 13.


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