‘Gloria’ DVD Review: Gloria Trevi Biopic Arrives on DVD

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The controversial Gloria Trevi story comes to DVD in GLORIA. The film chronicles the Mexican pop icon’s rise to fame alongside her infamous manager and mentor. Sofía Espinosa portrays the iconic singer, and the actress delivers an emotional performance that might change your view of Trevi.

An explosive and driven young singer-songwriter aims for the stars in GLORIA, a riveting glimpse of real-life show-business survivor Gloria Trevi, available on DVD on October 13, 2015, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

Gloria DVD 1Gloria Trevi was demonized in the Mexican press as Sergio Andrade’s co-conspirator in a sex and kidnapping ring involving minors. The provocative film tackles her rise to fame with her manager Sergio Andrade, but Trevi is portrayed as a victim rather than a colluder. The singer, often referred to as the “Mexican Madonna,” is blinded by love for Sergio. She turns a blind eye at all his discretions.

Sofía Espinosa’s performance is the best part of the movie. She captures Gloria Trevi down to her stance. It’s as if we are really watching Gloria perform. Espinosa spoke with CineMovie this summer and revealed she spent hours studying the real-life character, and even sang all of Trevi’s hits herself.

GLORIA doesn’t completely lay all the blame on Andrade, but on the fame-hungry girls and parents who willingly hand over their daughters to a predator all in the hopes of becoming rich and famous. For a first-time director, GLORIA helmer Christian Keller delivers an exceptionally well made film. He doesn’t sensationalize the story, but presents a cautionary tale about how far anyone would go to achieve their dreams.

GLORIA DVD features commentary by Gloria Trevi and a featurette on the making of the film along with music videos of Gloria’s classic hits sung by the film’s cast.    

    •    The Making of Gloria  
    •    A Conversation with Gloria Trevi  
    •    Music Videos – features the hits “Dr. Psiquiatra,” “Qué Bueno Que No Fui Lady Di,” and “El         Recuento de los Daños” performed by the talents in the film.



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