Eddie Murphy's Donkey A Movie Critic?


"The only time I'll do the voice of Donkey is as a shadow puppet.  So if I'm watching movies at home on the screen and the movie is not good, I'll have the Donkey come up and do commentary."

To demonstrate, Eddie got up from his director's chair and using a stage light, proceeded to show us Donkey's shadow puppet.  "This movie ain't sh**! I want to watch Shrek," remarked Eddie in Donkey's voice.  Cameron Diaz and the rest of the room were quite impressed with Eddie's hand puppetry and gave him a round of applause. 

Mike Myers' Shrek with Eddie Murphy's Donkey

The Beverly Hills Cop star also explains Shrek sometimes comes into the act.  "Sometimes I take the Shrek ears, the little green ones, and I have a shadow of me and Shrek.  I've had some wild times in the house."

Donkey's acting days may be over in SHREK but shadow puppet movie critic is
Donkey in Shrek: The Final Chapterdefinitely a show we would watch.     


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