Star Trek Into The Darkness Teaser Trailer Review

The first look at J.J. Abrams follow up packs quite the bang.  Not only does the action take place in space, but Earth seems to get the brunt of the villain's wrath.  Revenge seems to be the plot of the story once again with Benedict Cumberbatch playing the scorned character.  While its not clear on the name of Cumberbatch's character, the rumor has always been he'd be playing Khan.   All we know from the preview, the villain is hell bent on enacting revenge on those who wronged him, specifically the crew of the USS Enterprise.  At one point, he's wearing the signature uniform which definitely leaves us curious to his evil plan.

While we expect quality work from J.J. Abrams, there are a couple of action sequences that look like a scene out of a Transformers movie and Prometheus which worries this fan at least. That might not be so much of a surprise given the writers also worked on those other projects.  Damon Lindelof, who my opinion, killed Prometheus joined returning writers/producers Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman in scripting the sequel. That worries many.  Fingers crossed that the film will be on par with the reboot which satisfied critics and fans.

A 9-minute preview will be released December 14 ahead of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in movie theaters.

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