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Will THE AVENGERS Surpass Titanic & Avatar for All-Time Biggest Grossing Movie?


MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS should cross the $600 million domestic box office take by Wednesday, inching closer to Titanic's #2 slot for all-time grossing movies. Can it top Avatar at $760.5 million?

Fifty-four days after first opening May 4th, THE AVENGERS becomes the third film to surpass $600 million. James Cameron's Titanic currently holds the #2 spot with $658.6 million while another James Cameron film, Avatar holds steady at #1 at $760.5 million. Will Marvel's super hero adventure film be able to catch up to Titanic?  If it maintains its course, despite a new superhero entry with The Amazing Spiderman next week, the Joss Whedon film could muster up another $58 million with two more summer months to go. THE AVENGERS would have to make over another $160 million to surpass Avatar which is unlikely on the domestic front alone.

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Globally, the film stands at #3 as well with an estimated take of $1,438.3 million worldwide. Since its May 4th opening, Marvel's movie has been shattering records with the biggest domestic debut of all time at $207.4 million and following it up with a record breaking second weekend with $103 million. 

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Do you think MARVEL'S THE AVENGERS will overtake Titanic for the #2 spot?  Comment below.

SOURCE: Box Office Mojo

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