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    Watch: Ginnifer Goodwin Doesn't Like Shows She's In Until Now

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Marvel Announces 11 New MCU Films and Shows with Diverse Cast

Marvel Comic Con MCU Films Disney Plus 

Saturday in Hall H at Comic-Con International in San Diego, Marvel Studios’ President Kevin Feige dropped some major news for Marvel's Phase 4 slate. Heads were spinning with the amount of projects the Marvel executive announced for the next MCU movie line-up and Disney+ streaming service launching November 12. The new slate is more inclusive with a female director indie darling Chloé Zhao taking the helm on THE ETERNALS, and a very diverse cast including the first Latinx superhero in the MCU. 

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It Chapter 2 Full Trailer Is Haunting

Pennywise in IT: CHAPTER 2

Pennywise is back and he's not getting any prettier. Jessica Chastain, James McAvoy and Bill Hader assume the adult roles as the traumatized kids when the scary clown returns in IT: CHAPTER 2. The new trailer premiered at Warner Bros'. Scare Diego event Wednesday night to kick off this year's San Diego Comic Con. Watch the killer trailer and the equally scary new movie poster.

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'Crawl' Movie Review: A Fun Creature Feature

In CRAWL, a father (Barry Pepper) and daughter (Kaya Scodelario) get caught in a Category 5 hurricane and trapped in their flooding home surrounded by alligators. The horror thriller, directed by Alexandre Aja (THE HILLS HAVE EYES) and produced by Sam Raimi (EVIL DEAD, DRAG ME TO HELL, SPIDER-MAN, is a fun scare fest that should be enjoyed with an audience. Watch my drive time review above. 

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Review: 'Apollo 11 First Steps Edition' Documentary

Apollo 11 First Steps Edition review

Relive the Apollo 11 mission to the moon 50 years later on the anniversary of the landing with the new cut down version of APOLLO 11: FIRST STEPS EDITION. In Todd Douglas Miller's special giant screen edition showing on IMAX and Giant Screen theaters now, viewers experience the nine-day mission in 47 minutes. The experience of watching it on an IMAX theater gives you the illusion of being there. 

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Mexican Journalist Carlos Loret de Mola Threatened by Narcos Over 'Sea of Shadows' Documentary

The new National Geographic documentary SEA OF SHADOWS brings to light the crisis at the border in Baja California as the native porpoise, the vaquitas are facing extinction because of the poaching of a rare fish by the Mexican drug cartel and the Chinese mafia. The netting is killing both the fish and the vaquitas, and only 15 of the dolphin-like creatures remain. One of the subjects of the documentary by director Richard Ladkani (THE IVORY GAME) is Mexican investigative journalist Carlos Loret de Mola who has been investigating the cartel behind it but he, along with the filmmakers and subjects of the documentary, have faced death threats from the narcos. We caught up with Carlos to talk about his role in SEA OF SHADOWS, and why it's important to act now.

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