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New 'Weird: The Al Yankovic Story' Poster and Trailer: Evan Rachel Wood Nails Down Madonna Impersonation

weird al yankovic story movie evan rachel wood daniel radcliffe

The new WEIRD: THE AL YANKOVIC STORY trailer hits all the usual biopic tropes on purpose in a parody story for the artist whose claim to fame is parodying popular songs. Evan Rachel Wood stars as Madonna who took him down the wrong path but that may be a running joke. Watch the very funny trailer for the movie which will premiere on the Roku Channel on November 4.

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'Yellowstone' Season 5 Returning with 2-Hour Premiere

yellowstone season 5 teaser 

Paramount Network released a new teaser trailer for Yellowstone Season 5 premiering Sunday, November 13 with a two-hour premiere. The short preview titled, "All Will Be Revealed" features the Dutton family members. Guess it's time to review season 4 to refresh what exactly will be revealed.

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Film Genres That Have Grown In Popularity In America

Film Genres Gain Popularity

The film genres that have grown in popularity in America American cinema and television is built from a rich tapestry of story-telling, with multiple genres contributing to the nation’s culture of entertainment. Some classic formats have been with us for generations, while others have arrived more recently.

In this article, we will examine the genres of film in more detail, including some that have long existed in the margins of the mainstream, but which in recent years have evolved to become a more integral part of the cinema, as well as modern streaming channels.


American Cultural Shifts

Before we get down to business, let's set the scene. By its nature, the USA is a melting pot of cultures, with each delivering something that has impacted on how Americans are entertained. But there are other factors at play that also shape this landscape.

Indeed, changes in the very law under which we live are having an impact on entertainment culture in America. One example of this is the deregulation of the gambling sector, which has given rise to the proliferation of online casinos across States, as this article shows.

Emigration, globalization and the communicative power of the internet are perhaps the biggest catalysts behind the changing modes of entertainment in America, including genres of film, but the impact had by changes to the law should not be overlooked.


Which Genres are Growing in Popularity?

There is data available that shows the changing popularity of genres in the cinema and the stats are interesting to break down. For the following genres, we will refer to changes in their popularity over the last 100 years.


[OC] Film Genre Popularity 1910-2018 from r/dataisbeautiful


A true classic of American cinema, action films have remained very popular for generations, with a spike around the 1970s and 80s helping to rekindle Americans’ love affair with the genre. Today, around 10% of films receiving general release are classed as action.



This is the first genre on our list that has really experienced an upturn in popularity during the last 50 years. America’s forays into space throughout the middle of the 20th century helped drive interest in what lies beyond our atmosphere, while the runaway success of the Star Wars franchise gave the genre a major boost.




Documentaries have enjoyed a sharp increase in popularity during the last 20 to 30 years. For centuries, knowledge has been gained from books, newspapers and, latterly, the radio, but, as film capabilities have increased, so too have film-makers’ abilities to engage cinema-goers factually.



Another classic genre, horror has continued to rise in popularity past the turn of the century. New CGI technology has helped film-makers depict frightening images like never before, while modern film-making techniques have turned “jump scares” into a true art form.



Somewhere between action and thriller, you will find the final genre on our list – thriller. Thriller films have grown steadily in popularity during the last 75 years, with more advanced technology again playing a key role in story-telling and keeping audiences engaged.

As technology grows in ability and society moves through ever-evolving landscapes and events, it's unavoidable that the focus of entertainment will continue to change. How that will manifest, though, remains to be seen.




















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Some Great Bingo Movie Scenes

Hotel Transylvania Scene 

Players across the globe are once more beginning to enjoy the game of bingo en masse. Yes, that’s right, the classic game is making a triumphant return both in halls and online with players everywhere.

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Examining the Differing Fascinations of Hollywood and Bollywood in the Same Theme

Both are massive movie production hubs, and both are very popular in parts of the world, but Hollywood and Bollywood movies are very different. Primarily because one embodies the artistry of the United States while the other draws from India’s many cultures, there are stark differences between movies from both despite the often playing into the same themes.

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Three Of The Most Iconic Gamblers From The Silver Screen

Much has been written about which are the best, and worst casino films out there. But what about the actors that make the films? In this article, we will take a look at three of the curious, compelling, and captivating characters from the silver screen.

Stu Ungar

Movie Gamblers

Stu Ungar was a professional gambler and was widely regarded as the best gin and Texas Hold’Em player of all time. He is one of only two people in the world who have managed to win the World Series of Poker three times. Immortalized in the film “High Roller”, Ungar was played by Michael Imperioli. While the film wasn’t a widespread box office hit, it did win awards at the Nashville Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, and the PRISM Awards. Famed for his arrogance, Imperioli nails the role, making gripping and realistic viewing from start to finish. While this is something of a cautionary tale, it is also a valuable insight into human nature and what drives professional gamblers.


Ben Campbell

Movie Gamblers

The character of Ben Campbell has a promising future ahead of him but cannot afford the tuition fees. Instead, he applies for a scholarship that would cover the cost but competition is stiff. After impressing his professor, he ends up being roped into a blackjack team that uses card counting and covert signaling to increase their chances of winning.

Cue a tale of cheating, near misses, losses, wins, and everything in between. 21 is a gripping tale of the highs and lows of the gambling world and Jim Sturgess in the role of Ben is not to be missed.

What makes Ben a fascinating character is that he is relatable. You probably went to school with a kid like him - or perhaps you're as smart as he is yourself.

The only difference is when you are looking for the latest casino offers, it's fairly simple to browse through some of the top casino offers and promotions and give yourself a head start as you hit the tables. You don't have to stick to blackjack either. There are deals on slots and roulette available, too.


Sam “Ace” Rothstein

Movie Gamblers

Ok so maybe Ace was not much of a gambler himself but he is still one of the most iconic gambling-related characters of all time. With Robert de Niro taking on the role, supported by Jose Pesci and Sharon Stone, this all ensemble cast worked on one of Scorcese’s finest pieces.

Ace is a Jewish-American gambling expert who lands a job overseeing the casino operations at the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas. The story follows brushes with the mafia, the breakdown of his relationships and various other difficulties he encounters. Based on a real character, de Niro’s portrayal of Ace won him critical acclaim and he became an icon of casino movie culture.

From career-kickstarters to insights into the human psyche and even a lesson or two in the ins and outs of the game of blackjack, some fascinating real-life tales have fuelled the world of casino-based cinema for many years. We can't wait to see what's next.

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Bollywood's Rise in Global Popularity

As one of India’s most major contributions to entertainment, Bollywood is no slouch. Each year, Bollywood sells more tickets and produces more films than its Hollywood counterpart, all while having considerably lower average budgets for both advertising and production. Despite a slow start internationally, Bollywood is increasingly making headway in foreign markets, including the all-important stalwarts of the United States and China.

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5 Best Video Game to Movie Adaptations

mortal kombat movie

Hollywood loves adapting content to the big screen, whether it’s books, anime, or video games. It’s a formula that sort of works because the source material already has a fanbase audience. But for various reasons, film adaptations of things are a tricky business. Like taking the 8-book Dark Tower series and trying to compress it into a bizarre, nearly irrelevant plot, or the absolute absurdity of the Super Mario Bros film that proves the early 90s were a very strange time.

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The Odd Influence of Casinos on Video Game Adaptations

The idea of crossovers between different types of entertainment is old as entertainment itself. In the many forms that this has taken over the decades, few suffer the poor reputation which arises from mixing video games and movies. This is not without reason, as some of the worst movies of all time, like the Super Mario Brothers adaption, are abominations not even worth watching to laugh at. Recently, however, this trend is being bucked.

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Poll: San Diego Comic Con Still Happening, Will You Attend?

Comic Con 2016

The organizers behind San Diego's Comic Con announced they still plan on holding the July 23-26 convention this summer even as medical experts predict this coronavirus pandemic may extend until September. The annual event is the hottest ticket in San Diego, but the prospect of attending an overcrowded convention may not be ideal to many.  While many have wished for years to get a hard-to-get ticket to attend, this year may be different. So we wanted to take a poll to see whether you'll take the chance and a make the trek to San Diego this summer. 

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The Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

The Best Movies on Netflix Right Now

In between all the original productions and straight-to-VOD titles, Nextflix has some of the best movies out there on its platform right now. The popular streaming service has become an institution for homes across the world, given its big selection of box-office hits and wide appeal to all members of the family. There’s truly something for everyone on there and much of the great content comes from their own in-house production team.

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