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New Movie Review: Bradley Cooper Does The Hustle in AMERICAN HUSTLE

The perm and tight polyester suits may not be appealing on Bradley Cooper’s 70s-inspired character in AMERICAN HUSTLE, but when he starts tearing up the dance floor under that disco ball to the tune of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” with Amy Adams…. Damn!  Is it getting hot in here?  Who knew Cooper could shake those hips?  It was quite sexy as he went for his solo on the dance line and then dirty danced with Amy Adams. It just got even hotter. Even if he was coached, you can’t fake loose hips. You either have it or you don’t. Sure Amy Adams had some of her own moves, but these eyes were on her partner’s swinging hips.


Bradley Cooper plays FBI agent Richie DiMaso in David O. Russell’s critical darling.  The cocaine-snorting agent falls for his informant and con woman Sydney Prosser (Adams) who is on the rebound from her lover and partner in crime Irving Rosenfeld (Christian Bale). The two decide to let loose and hit the discotech during a break from their sting to bring down a corrupt New Jersey politician (Jeremy Renner) and Congressmen.

As for the rest of the film, the performances from Cooper and co-stars Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Christian Bale are superb. You can’t take your eyes off that screen with every single character defined very well.  Russell’s story is tight and compelling, and the wardrobe by costume designer Michael Wilkinson steal the show with telling their own story about these people and their status in society or at least what they want others to think.  The music also sets the tone of the era with a broad spectrum of music that wasn’t just dedicated to disco.

But back to Bradley Cooper’s dancing, if there is ever a Saturday Night Fever reboot, my vote’s for Bradley Cooper as Tony Manero.  

Costume Designer Michael Wilkinson on AMERICAN HUSTLE and BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

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