• Narcos Threatening Extinction Of Vaquitas

    Narcos Threatening Extinction Of Vaquitas

  • Interview: Sam Raimi Talks 'Crawl’

    Interview: Sam Raimi Talks 'Crawl’

  • 'The Lion King' 2019 Movie Review

    'The Lion King' 2019 Movie Review

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Three Epic Streaming-First Shows to Look Out For in The Coming Years

Lord of the Rings trilogy 

2018 was great for video streaming services, and the coming years promise to be even better. For the subscribers, that is, because more major players are expected to enter the competition for their favor, which usually translates either into lower prices or into better content for the same price. In the case of Netflix, though, the "prices" part is debatable, considering that it didn't only hike its subscription fees this year but it has also started experimenting with a new, more expensive plan. Netflix's Ultra subscription will offer some serious bang for its monthly $16.99 price tag: Ultra HD streaming or HDR, meaning that enjoying your favorite show on your 4K HDR TV will be an even better experience. But when it comes to content, the offer will definitely be great, with all the epic streaming-only shows coming our way in the next few years, from various providers.

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'The Mandalorian' First Look, Character Reveals and Plot Reveal

The Mandalorian image Disney Plus

Sunday at the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago, "The Mandalorian" writer/executive producer Jon Favreau and director/executive producer Dave Filoni unveiled footage, plot and images of the characters in the Disney+ new series. Wonder at the four new images below featuring Carl Weathers, Gina Carano and a suited up Pedro Pascal, and get the scoop on the plot.

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Watch Funniest Moments From 'Avengers: Endgame' Press Conference

Avengers Endgame Press Day Marvel

The surviving Avengers from INFINITY WAR assembled in Los Angeles for the ENDGAME press conference. The stars and filmmakers were tight-lipped about the movie as usual but they did provide some hints at what's to come when the Avengers with a new friend, Captain Marvel face Thanos on April 26, along with some funny moments. 

Watch some of the funniest moments from the gathering with the following  actors, directors and the all-knowing Marvel honcho Kevin Feige. IRON MAN director Jon Favreau was brought in to moderate, and when the curtain dropped to reveal the talent, only half the seats were filled with the Avengers who survived the snap in INFINITY WAR. 

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'Storm Boy' Movie Review: An Enchanting Tale

Storm Boy JaiCourtney FinnLittle 

A boy who raises three pelicans is at the heart of the story of STORM BOY. Newcomer Finn Little steals the show but what’s most impressive is how they got pelicans (not the most cuddly looking things) to follow the 11-year-old actor around like your average pet. STORM BOY also beautifully captures the beauty of South Australia’s coastline.

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